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lmanwarren 04-28-2017 06:30 PM

Aftermarket radio install
Last year I installed a Kenwood DPX501BT in my fusion. I used a PAC RP4-FD11 for the steering wheel controls. I also believe this was needed so the amp turns on. I DO NOT USE MY STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS AT ALL. WITH THE STOCK OR KENWOOD. My plan was wire up some plugs that would plug into the 3 that go to the stock radio. I was told the PAC was needed. When I did the install. I turned the dial to 3 for kenwood. I wired up my KW wires to the ones as part of the package harness. I never did any programming of the box. Also not sure how to do that. With everything installed if I did. Push a wheel control button. It would light up DVD on the temp display. That would never go away. Now I have removed the 501BT. As I bought a new single din kenwood KDC X701. That I will install in place of. What I want to know. Is it possible to take the 3 plastic connectors from the PAC harness. Wire them to the radio so I don't use the control box. Just plug the three in and be done. I do have the Sony system with the amp. Also if not possible how do I programming this thing. I no longer have the instructions. But even when I did I was scratching my head. As it was a first for me. In short I would just like to plug in the plugs. Turn my music on and listen. I didn't know if it was possible. Even if I had to jump wires so the amp comes on with the radio. Also the PAC harness has rca plugs for rear seat and sub. That I don't use is it possible to snip the wire for them. Along with the rca plugs and remove them. Sorry so long

lmanwarren 04-29-2017 03:13 PM

OK let's try this. Is it possible to use the 3 connectors. That plug into the factory ends. So I can have my kenwood work along with the amp. I know the biggest of the three. Contains the speaker wire plus maybe per and grND. Not sure what the 2 small ones feed

pasta 05-29-2017 02:18 PM


biggie02 05-29-2017 08:41 PM

How's your research so far? A buddy here is looking to replace his stock radio for his 2010 Fusion. We are gonna take a look at it right after we finished installing the Poison Spyder parts on the current Jeep project.

Did you ever make the steering control works?

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